Load Inc

Load Inc. is a twenty first century company. Owned by its founders, 4 video game industry vets.
Not only we develop great games, but we are also open to all kind of development deals.

  • Development: we make games!
  • Work for hire: we can provide original designs to fill your line up!
  • Consultancy: we can help you take a step back on your productions and forget about your problems!
  • Expresso specialists: if you visit us, you'll have the finest coffee available.

We have tons of ideas on the road to high profitability, because if our partners don't make money, we don't.

Here is a recap of who we are

  • Founded in 2003, LOAD Inc. is a game development studio specialized in casual and racing and multiplayer/network games on consoles and PC.
  • LOAD Inc. is made of ex-UBI Soft specialists totalizing more than 187 years experience in video game development. They participated in projects that sold millions of copies (POD, Monaco and F1 Grand Prix Series, MadTracks).
  • Load Inc uses only the finest tools including our own middleware VROOOM Engine, a multi platform engine including the shiny Xbox 360.
  • We believe direct download and retail can get along fine (but have noticed we are more successful if players buy online).
  • The team has serious knowledge in every field of the industry secured by solid education: Artificial Intelligence Ph.D., Computer Science MS and Computer Arts Master and other degrees (our familiers are very proud).

Load Inc. is proud to be working with major industry players.

  • Official Emergent developer
  • Official Nintendo Wii developer
  • Official Microsoft Xbox 360 developer
  • Official Sony PS3 developer
  • Official Nintendo DS developer
  • Official AMD technical partner

For further inquiries or just to have a chat, please contact@loadinc.net.